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To access the training materials online please use PROCESSING link to the left of this screen.

You only need to fill in the guestbook if you wish to download and access the pdf version of the processing course via the links to the right of this screen.

We have been providing training services since 2004 backed by over 18 years of professional experience. Our current 5-day course has been given to over 500 geoscientists and has received excellent reviews. Customised courses at various levels have been given to both hydrocarbon and processing companies. Our courses will be available again in 2018.

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This original material for download was prepared while the authors worked at Amerada Hess London who have authorised release of the material dated September 2001 for non-profit making purposes only. The opinions reflected within are those of the authors not necessarily those of the Hess Corporation.

It was intention to release version 2 of the course in 2002, with revised basic material, corrected typographical and link errors and enlarged theory, migration and survey planning sections. However there has not been available time to update the free releases. Maybe some time soon.....

Please sign our guest book before downloading any course material in pdf format We will then send you the passwords needed to fully access the downloaded materials (should now work Jan 2009 !!).





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